Handcrafted drums with heart´n´soul

We are engaged in the production of block shells called staveshells. First, we will arrange for what genre and for what drummer the drum is to be and determine what will be the storage edges and kind of lumber.

We are a team of people and each of us specializes in a given stage of production. One manufactures a shell, one paints a shell, one paints a painting, one fabricates design, makes snarebeds, measures and drills holes, tunes and acts with the customer.

Most often we use oak, ash, walnut, cherry, birch and we like to experiment with exotic timber such as wenge, bubinga, zebrano, etc.

When the shell is complete and the snarebeds are finished, we are working on the drum design. Finally, everything is completed and tuned according to the customer’s wishes and play!

If you are interested in our drum or whole set, we will be very pleased to write to us.

Every new shell is another great challenge for us!

Jarouš Hubas Hubálek


Refurbished Snares



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